Erykah Badu Guest Stars on The Music Snobs. The TMS crew + Badu kick things off with an introspective look into the prolific career of Ghostface Killah and discuss the method behind Tony Starks’ mad genius. Then Arthur, Isaac, Jehan, Scoop, and Erykah examine the long history of image within the music industry and try to draw a line between musicians who have used image to improve their art, and those whose image has overshadowed their music. Finally the crew engages in a wild rapid roundtable that poses an interesting question: What is the one song lyric you’d love to actually say in real lifeā€¦but know you never will?

Get ready for one of the most highly anticipated episodes of The Music Snobs yet, as Erykah Badu joins us long enough to reveal a side of her we guarantee you’ve never seen.

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